OOTD 9/17


I interned today, we went to the gallery that’s hosting our cocktail party and then went to lunch. I intern 10 miles from my apartment and its at least an hour each way, every day.

As we all know I love black. Today’s look:

IMG_5615  IMG_5614

Faux Leather Skirt: Forever 21

Army Crew Neck: Forever 21


Basic Crop Top: TOPSHOP


Chunky Black Booties (my current fav): H&M


Earings: H&M

It’s been exceptionally hot in LA the past week, it’s supposed to cool down, but nowhere near what the east coast is feeling (thank God).

Style Tips: Try different textures, but all the same color (like my leather skirt with my ribbed crop top) and jazz it up with a pattern sweatshirt wrapped around your waist, perfect for fall. Definitely invest in a pair of chunky heels.

That’s all for tonight, I might make a late night trip to the gym (I really should) then a meeting with my adviser tomorrow morning.



xx Libby

“Black and white always looks modern,whatever that word means” -Karl Lagerfeld

What if…?

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My blog has been less about fashion and more about stories and happenings in my life and I swear I will be getting back to my fashion posts once I take some good pictures.

Quick summary of my week: Started my internship, and I love it, saw Harry Styles on Melrose and almost crashed my car in my fit of excitement, my roommate and I went to the One Direction concert for $18 dollars and had really good seats. I also went out both nights this weekend with some old friends and some new friends.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo (1)

This week started off pretty slow. I have this friend who has been talking to this guy, even though she heard some things about him she kept talking to him. Come to find out he was also trying to get with two of her friends at the same time. He had my friend (and I) really convinced that he really liked her, and I’m a pretty good judge of character. Needless to say, I won’t be dating any time soon, focused on my career and have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t fall under the schmuck category.

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Sorry for the selfies, I know I take a lot of them. I will try my hardest to make my next post a fashion post with zero selfies.

Movie night tonight, my awesome internship tomorrow @projectmermaids, projectmermaids.com.

xx Libby

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” -Lady Gaga

LA Adventures

I’ve been super lazy on my blog posts lately, sorry to disappoint. I’m just getting into the groove of things here. Loving the city, my roommates and my new internship. It’s awesome to have roommates that are familiar with the city to show me around and tell me where all the good places are. I’ve been doing some exploring on my own and ventured into the fashion district for a while last week. My roommates and I made the trek to Manhattan Beach yesterday, some lady was super rude to my roommate Kennedy and I, when our volleyball accidentally rolled into their court.

image (10)

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We got lunch at a really cute place that had a really good vibe and really good food. (yes I’m aware of the excessive use of really)


Manhattan Beach is the only beach I’ve been to so far here in LA, but I must say, minus the rude people, it’s very nice, and the water isn’t as cold as everyone talks about.

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I got my room all set up, all it needs is my roomie and a few little things to complete it!

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I started my internship with Project Mermaids today. They’re a super cool company that photographs celebs and the proceeds of the pictures go to saving the beaches. I think it’s going to be a great job with a lot of opportunities for growth. I get to go to photo shoots this week which is really cool, considering I have never been to one before :).

In my beach pics I’m wearing a one piece bathing suit from Forever 21, Levi Jorts from Salvation Army, and Sunnies from Nordstrom. Photo Cred goes to Kennedy :)

I hope to be blogging cooler things now that I’m in LA and am surrounded by inspiration.


xx Libby

Ps: One Direction just released a new song called Fireproof and it’s so good.

“A dream is only a dream until you make it REAL.” -Harry Styles

Road Trip Day 4

image (8)

This post is a little late, I’ve been soooooo busy. My dad drove the entire way to LA, and I didn’t even nap because I was so excited. we passed some pretty cool scenery on the way. At this point I was completely sick of my dad, and he was sick of me, but we still made the most of our last day on the road together.  We made it through Arizona, and there were a few really pretty things. It wasn’t as desert-y as I thought it would be but still amazing.

image (4)image (5)

We made a few stops to use the bathroom, and contemplated Dairy Queen for a treat, but after seeing the line I took it as a sign not to follow through. Soon we were in CALI!

image (6)

The beginning of Cali was more like a desert than any part of Arizona, lots of sand but still a surprising amount of greenery considering it’s the desert. We drove for a while, got some really expensive gas somewhere in the middle of  nowhere, and then the moment came when I had a taste of my first In n Out burger. It really is all that they say it is. I got an animal style cheeseburger and my dad and I shared animal style fries and it was sooo good.

image (7)

We got into LA about an hour later, I unpacked my car and met one of my roommates (they’re both pretty awesome). My dad and I went to Ikea and I got some furniture and then we went to Target and I got some household essentials. My dad put together all of my furniture, while I unpacked. The next morning we drove along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Malibu to Manhattan Beach. It’s so amazing everywhere. My dad left early Tuesday morning, and we both cried when he hugged me goodbye.

So far I LOVE LA. Its great here, but the traffic really gets me. Its so intimidating, and I still have my CT plates so  I think that makes me an easy target. I did some exploring on my own and yesterday had my first interview for an internship with Project Mermaid. Everyone should check them out! Celebrities pose in mermaid costumes and then the pictures are sold in an art show and in a book and the proceeds go to rebuilding beaches. Its awesome. I got the job and I start Monday and couldn’t be more excited or thankful for such a great opportunity.

Now I just have to find a paying job and get that loan for school and I’ll be golden.

My eyes are slowly closing so it’s about that time (the time change is still taking its toll on me)


xx Libby

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

image (9)

Road Trip Day 3

I’m trying to remember at which point I left off yesterday. I think somewhere in west Texas. There was a whole lotta nothin the rest of Texas. We got off the highway in Lubbock to see Texas (which I may have mentioned, but the last three days are smooshed into one). We got sonic and headed into New Mexico, which may, in fact, be the saddest state in the US. Before Albuquerque there’s literally nothing. Not even a highway. We hit Albuquerque, got lunch and scoped out the University of New Mexico (because of my dad’s weird fascination with colleges). For lunch we stopped at a sandwich shop called Which Wich. It was super cool and super yummy.



I’m happy we saw the UNM campus because it was pretty cool and the views were amazing.


After Albuquerque there’s nothing as far as towns or cities. Native American reserves which are interesting to say the least. The scenery is amazing though. Pictures can’t even come close to seeing it in person, so I didn’t bother taking any.

We hit Arizona and another time change. We stopped off at the worlds biggest preserved meteor crater. As corny as it sounds it was pretty cool.



Our next stop was Flagstaff, AZ. Between the meteor and Flagstaff there was an amazing sunset. I got a really amazing picture but it was breathtaking in person. (I should also mention #nofilter).


We checked into a hotel and got Mexican for dinner. A play Guy Fieri went with Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I ordered what he ate on the show and a blackberry margarita. The food was SO GOOD. I had so much left over and was pretty mad I couldn’t take it home.


We went back and went to bed right away. Woke at 5 (we slept in today). Ate breakfast at the hotel, got gas, Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte :)) and were on the road again.

I’ll post about my final day later one. Hopefully from my laptop and I’ll definitely fix my formatting.

Xx Libby

Road Trip Day 2


Yesterday was a fun day. Not too many things went wrong. We saw Memphis. My dad’s obsessed with it. I thought it was nice too. Very clean, and Beale St seems like a good time. We went to a really yummy place for breakfast and got back on the road. I drove from Memphis to Texas.

Arkansas roads are ridiculously flat, straight and long. My dad was sleeping and I accidentally went over the rumble strips. Not once, but twice. He woke up and scolded me but I just laughed really hard because he jumped about twelve feet in the air.

When we arrived in Dallas we stayed with one of my best friends from college, Rich. He took us to dinner, showed us around Dallas and then took us to a really sick bar.



<img src=”


I fell in love with Dallas. It was so clean and there was so much to do. Everything was so unique and everybody is super nice.




We woke up at 3:30 again and were on the road by 4 (yes my dad is insane). My dad drove and I took a nap until 6, then we switched. West Texas is awesome, not because there’s a lot of stuff but just because it’s so different from what I’m used to. Cotton fields, oil rigs and windmills. In excess.


My dad is just starting to irk the crap out of me. He’s a giant instigator which chaps my ass but what can you do. He also has a weird fascination with colleges. We drove through Lubbock just so he could see Texas Tech. And had me take a million pictures of stuff I don’t care about. He also does this thing where he’ll ask me stupid questions he already knows the answer to. And he doesn’t pay attention to jack poo so I’m constantly reminding him of things. Anyway I’m gonna go back to trying not to kill him.

Here’s a pretty awesome picture I took this morning.

Xx Libby


Road Trip Day 1


After leaving off yesterday I had a pretty eventful day. My dad and I drove from 4 am to 9 pm (minus an hour for the time change). I took three naps, making New Jersey, Maryland and the beginning part of Tennessee fly by. Big ups to my dad for that part though (the long distance driving).

As far as the hiccups that occurred; the first one was minor although at the time seemed major (I was a tad hangry). We decided we would stop for lunch in Bristol, Virginia. I tell my dad to get off the highway where the sign says there’s food and he decides he wants to wait and get off where the racetrack is. Mind you, I don’t think my dad has ever watched NASCAR. Fifteen minutes later were still looking for a place to eat and I’m in kill mode. On the bright side we found the racetrack.



It was really something. :/

The next one happened when it was my turn to drive. I put my dad in charge of finding us a hotel in Nashville. He finds a hotel for $55 and before reading the reviews books the hotel. He then starts reading the reviews and the Howard Johnson in downtown Nashville is basically the headquarters for prostitutes and drug dealers. Not to mention one of the reviews said there was poo coming up the bathtub drain. Gross. So I called and canceled the room and we stayed at a pretty nice Best Western on the outskirts of the city and got Mexican for dinner.



We went to bed at 10 and woke at 3:30. I fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and slept for an hour and a half. After my dad laughed at me for sleeping with my mouth wide open, I looked at the dash to see how far we had until we had to get gas and low and behold we had 1 mile to empty which turned immediately to 0 as soon as I pointed it out. I scolded my dad for not paying attention and he coasted off the next exit. If you know anything about my dad, you know he does not get gas. EVER. His vehicles are always on empty.

Were about 15 minutes outside of Memphis where were gonna get breakfast at a place that was on Food Network. Then we drive straight to Dallas.

Xx Libby

Ps. Bear with me on the formatting of my posts. I’m blogging from my phone!