My Week!

I have been SO busy. I leave CT for LA in 48 days! I can’t believe it! Where has the time gone?

I want to be blogging more and with work slowing down I hope that I’ll be able to do some there (shh don’t tell my boss).

I’m currently watching Botched, and surfing the web for some inspiration for my post this week.

I have been getting a lot of questions from everyone (employers, family members, friends) about what it is that I want to be doing with my life after going to FIDM and what my ultimate goal is. My ultimate goal is to be a stylist; I would love to style a band or an artist and travel with them, planning their outfits and seeing the world all in one would be a dream come true. With that being said, and considering it was Couture fashion week in Paris, and Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin, I thought today I would post about international style.

1. Parisian Chic

The French may be some of the stylish people on the planet. The street style is simple but exciting and they’re not worried about taking fashion risks, always going outside of the box and developing new trends.

Looking sexy without showing too much skin…

parisian styleparisian style 2parisian style 3

These ladies are not so much focused on large accessories, but the strategic layering, and simplistic styling.

Style Tips: To dress more “Parisian” start with the motto “Less is more.” Don’t try too hard and never over accessorize. I once read that before you leave the house you should remove an accessory. In this case I would say keep jewelry simplistic and add one staple item. In the first photo the staple is her hat, the second would be her clutch and the third would be the sunnies. Also show skin in unexpected ways. For example in the first photo shes basically all covered except for the small slit of skin between her boot and shorts, to give it that sex appeal without over doing it.

2. Eccentric Tokyo

I admire anyone that takes risks when it comes to fashion and the Japanese do this better than anyone. Most of the trends that start in Japan don’t usually catch on in full swing here in the states but some of them do and I fully appreciate the ones that do.

Bright colors and layers….

tokyo fashiontokyo fashion 2tokyo fashion 3

Harajuku girls (who I don’t know much about…YET) focus on mixing different trends and incorporating bright colors.

Style Tips: To dress more like a Harajuku girl break out your bright colors, if you aren’t scared to look ridiculous (which is awesome) you’re already halfway there. Stop matching, get a pair (or three) platform shoes and try pairing H&M with Hot Topic.

3. The Artist Crossroads (Berlin)

Berlin is the “go to” city for artists of any kind. Which is why I obsess over the street style there. The focus here is on loose layers, with hints of color.

berlin styleberlin style 2 berlin style 3

There’s no such thing as over accessorizing, who says you can’t wear a fedora with a large scarf AND a long necklace?

Style Tips: Don’t take off any accessories before leaving (like I said before). Dress loose, borrow your brothers, dads, boyfriends, jeans, tees etc. Add a small pop of color.

4. Milan

Milan is on the top of my bucket list for places to visit, as it should be. The style bleeds romance with an edgy side.

Neutrals with the occasional pattern and bright color…

milan stylemilan style 2 milan 3

I just love everything about the elegance of Italian style. Somehow a leather jacket paired with an elegant skirt can still mean elegance and class.

Style Tips: Go for patterns and bright colors, but when you do, pair it with something that doesn’t try too hard to out shine that piece. Add a moto jacket to something that you may not normally add it to to give it that extra oomph, like a form fitting dress, or high rise skirt. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin.

5. London

HATS, SCARVES, HATS, SCARVES. The weather in London makes it the perfect scenario to wear hats and scarves (and I’m obsessed with both).

Tight bottoms, loose fitting  tops….

london style london style 2 london style 3

I find it slightly ironic that two of the three of these London street fashionistas are wearing sunglasses (considering it’s cloudy almost all of the time there).  I love all of these looks, very effortless and chic, perfect for London weather.

Style Tips: Wear hats, invest in a good pair of skinnies. A carry all bag is a must (to carry your umbrella when you’re not using it). Try buying a jacket a size bigger and instead of putting your arms in the sleeves rest it on your shoulders, to add a unique modern element to your outfit, without hiding the pieces underneath.

I would do NY and LA fashion, but I blog about those every week and we all know they’re the best ;).

Just a suggestion (and I’m not a spokesperson for him) but everyone should buy Ed Sheeran’s new album… he is hands down the most talented artist out there, and I’m obsessed, it’s on repeat at the gym, in my car, and when I’m in the shower.

I’m going to do my best to post again tomorrow, but I am a very busy woman :)

xx Libby

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Style Inspiration

So last week I said I was going to show you guys who I follow for my style inspiration, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to do so! I’ve been working seven days  week and have been using my other free time to build connections both on the East Coast as well as the West Coast.

I’m so excited about my career in fashion, yesterday I met with someone from Jade Marketing Group. They seem like an awesome company and they market for several jean companies, one of which is Amethyst Jeans, everyone should check them out! I have found that building connections is the most important thing in the fashion industry. It is also important to never miss an opportunity to learn more and to always say yes when someone is willing to teach you.

I’m constantly online doing trend research, not for work but because I love doing it, and have a few people and topics I am always googling to see what they have worn.

1. Kylie Jenner (DUH)

I’m not really going to go into much of an explanation on this because I’ve said it a million times already, but I just LOVE her style.

Willow-Smith-and-Kylie-Jenner-go-shopping-in-Tokio-7-NYC   tumblr_n7uqppEo5Y1s70vhro1_500

2. Perrie Edwards (Little Mix)

I can’t give all of the credit to Perrie for the way she dresses because she does have an awesome stylist, but nonetheless it’s amazing. She can pull of literally anything, and is constantly switching her hair color from one extreme to the next and wearing bold makeup.



3. Rachel Zoe

This is obvious; if you love fashion you are inspired by Rachel Zoe. She can make the ugliest, most unique pieces into a masterpiece. Her personal style is on point as well. I love her love for black and hats, as well as her bold accessories and need to always wear heels. She’s always taking risks when styling herself and her clients. I would die just to look in her closet.



4. Menswear

I look at menswear to see what would translate well into woman’s wear. Some things that are trending are the oversized flannel. Most of the time a woman’s flannel will be more form fitting, but a men’s flannel will be bigger, and more comfortable. Also trending are oversized tee’s. You can find them in woman’s, however they are a tad more pricey, instead find men’s “tall tees” and they can be worn as a dress.



5. 90′s

Since 90′s are making such a strong comeback, I’m always researching and watching movies and TV shows to gain some inspiration. Clueless, Friends, Full House. Not to mention I’m always going through my moms closets and being thankful that she keeps everything!



That’s all I have for today, and I’ve officially been useless at work. My inspiration is always changing and I’m always finding new things to keep me motivated and inspired.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I have to get back to work :)

xx Libby

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Summer Shoe Must Haves

Today is PAYDAY, my favorite day of the week. It’s great, however I already spent the majority of my paycheck on rent and a couch for my new digs in LA.  I also got another job, waitressing twice a week at a pizza place.

The weather this week has been amazing here on the east coast, and I got a fresh pedi, so I thought I would do my must haves for summer shoes. I also thought I would do  a “cost conscious” and a “splurge- worthy” option.

walmart birkenstock           birkenstock look 3

1. The Birkenstock!

Cost Conscious: Walmart- $14.87

Splurge- Worthy: Birkenstock- $130.00

I’ve blogged about these before, I love them. They’re so comfy and go with basically everything. One of my fave things to pair with this style sandal is a destroyed boyfriend jean, and cropped tee.

gladiator 2 gladiator 1

2. The Gladiator Sandal

Cost Conscious- Lulu’s $30.00

Splurge-Worthy- Stuart Weitzman $398.00

The gladiator sandal made an appearance a few years ago, but never really took off. This summer they’re coming back full swing. I would wear these with a pair of short overalls, with a white collared shirt, and accessorize with some aviator sunnies. These also go really well with a maxi skirt that has a high slit, to really show off the heel.

barely there heel 1 barely there heel 2

3. Minimalist Heel

Cost Conscious- Windsor $26.60

Splurge-Worthy- Alexander Wang $475.00

I love this shoe, it can literally go with anything. One of my favorite outfits would have to be a midi dress (tight fitting) with a blazer and statement accessories or bold makeup.

slip on sneaker 1 slip on sneaker 2

4. Slip On Sneaker

Cost Conscious- UrbanOG $23.10

Splurge- Worthy- Sam Edelman $109.95

It’s always good to have a closed toe, comfy shoe on your must have list. The slip on sneaker has also made  a strong come back. I would pair these with overalls (maybe black leather, or plain jean for something more casual), and a white tee, or collared shirt. Pair with a fringe satchel and simple accessories and fierce red lip.

chunky heel 2chunky heel 3

5. Chunky Bootie

Cost Conscious- BooHoo $65.00

Splurge Worthy- Vagabond $171.49

These boots are more of a style risk. They’re very 90′s and I love that (as I’ve said a thousand times before). These are great because they can take you from summer to fall to winter. For summer I would pair these booties with a leather mini skirt, white tee, layered silver necklaces and a wide brim hat. Another option I would strongly suggest would be an over sized tee (yes, as a dress). Bring along a jean jacket for the cooler nights. To transition from summer to fall swap out the skirt for some skinny jeans.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again this weekend, I wanna share some of my style inspirations :)

xx Libby

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” -Jim Rohn

LOTD 6/21

HEY everyone! So Kelsey’s post was ON POINT and I’m ever so grateful for the effort and creativity he put into it. When I pick a guest blogger I just look for people in my life  that inspire me and have that creative edge that sets the apart from the “norm.” I love Kelsey’s perspective and it’s good to get a male on here to talk about more of the guys fashion, because I tend to focus on women’s trends.

This week has been super busy, but I’m very excited to say that I have found my apartment and roomies in LA and cannot wait to move in (2 months!). My dad and step-mom aren’t happy that I decided to live downtown, but they’re not the ones living there ;).

Today I went to a grad party for my dear friend Erika, and then met my other friend out for a drink before coming home to blog. My day all started with a cup of coffee (more like three) and a pair of mom jeans.

image (4) image (5)

I then took the liberty of upgrading them. Some may say,” But Libby, they look so great and flattering as they are.” I know, I know but I destroyed them anyway. I took a cheese grater to them for a good half hour and they came out pretty great.


image (8)

For the grad party/ cookout I paired my refurbished mom jeans with my fake Birkenstocks, a top shop crop, forever 21 flannel (mens), and layered necklaces. I then got home, did a quick day to night transition…

image (7) image (2)

I just ditched the flannel, added some heels, and a little more eye makeup. Nothing too serious. I should mention that these jeans are from the Salvation Army and I think I paid $5.99 for them.

That’s all for today, I’m pretty tired and have to work early, but I may post tomorrows look as well, I have another grad party :).


xx Libby

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey

Guest Blogger: Kelsey


– Freshman Class of the New School-Luxury Rap Fashion-



Let me introduce myself.
My name is Kelsey Connolly, I am a 24-year-old black male currently w­­orking in NYC as an Architectural / Interior designer. My experience in Fashion design is minimal but as a consumer, I know what I like and I am always on the search for new looks.
Here is my 2 cents on the Fashion game today and some helpful tips for those looking to get fresh this summer.
To start things off, I don’t think I am speaking out of turn when I say that the, “new school is here”.  With young designers gaining in popularity we are able to clearly observe the generational gaps being filled as opposed to a void being created. A new type of revolution is upon us. We live in an era where Designers from our generation are achieving distinction through uniting and restructuring the language of modern design across the board. And this is not just limited to fashion.
These so-called, “leaders” of the new school like Raf Simmons, Rick Owens and Tom Ford, just to name a few, are on the forefront of contemporary fashion design. But don’t get it twisted. Although the giants are easily spotted we can just as easily see this New-School movement from the streets and in our day-to-day journey with fashion. Many of these original concepts are being expressed through street-wear (casual wear). These new concepts of which I speak are of a composition, which grab from several different cultural aesthetics. Unification or a singularity of international street chic is a good way to describe it.
Companies such as HBA (Hood By Air), homies des garcones, Supreme, Y-3, Bape, and Ya-Mamoto are a few of my personal favorites.
Y-3 - Runway RTW - Spring 2014 - New York Fashion Week-Hip-Hop-Hood-by-air-hba-fashion-square-clot-100-cotton-short-sleeve-loose-ttumblr_n2sb7nvQSd1qepi1eo1_500tumblr_n70cswp2Ne1rtugmho1_1280
With all that being said. Here are a few simple rules to follow for those of you searching for a new look or a way to smoothen your wardrobe. Some rather general tips that apply to all no matter your body type.



Know yourself and know your worth. Have pride in your look but don’t force it . Make sure your items purchased are as versatile as they are unique to your self-image.  A good example for men and women is the tall-t in any color. I prefer Black white or grey scale but that’s just me. What makes this item so special is that it can be very inexpensive yet it gives you an option to pull off several looks either with modifications or as is.  For women you can cut sleeves or drape over one shoulder. Even adding rips can give your outfit depth and texture. See image above.




tumblr_n782uwyOpf1s0prk7o1_500     tumblr_n70nzrP9gK1rmnqqgo1_500    tumblr_mbwdwwuSPP1qgquaxo1_500



I think Hair game is pretty self-explanatory. Pic your hairstyles but keep it clean. I always like to look maintained. As far as it goes for footwear I personally am a huge fan of rare Nike’s like the Yeezy red Octobers and the hurache’s. If you want to get fancy with it, you can check out Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. They are likely to be more costly than Nike’s but they are high-end designer and they’re definitely in this summer. A great shoe to complete any outfit is the high top. Color-way is up to you but with any shoe I choose, I usually go monotone because it gives that particular item more versatility.  Also Adidas has been collaborating with a ton of designers these past few years in their footwear department. They usually can come off simplistic, which can sometimes be just enough if you aren’t really trying to stand out that hard but still maintain your freshness. Oh and I can’t forget Raff Simmons sneakers very vibrant


tumblr_n5boa150NE1sh356ho1_500   tumblr_mp5ch0du5g1sy3az9o1_500   tumblr_mh7jf31p7V1qerx9uo1_500

The next time you’re out look for the signs. You can see it in the streets and it’s rather obvious that the opportunity for young designers to rise to the top is here. Stand out. Achieve distinction. And most importantly be your own composition from your hair to your feet.
Places to shop. Most of these sources have an online store:
UK • Representclo • Superior Belief • Underatedco (15% Off With Rep Code ‘blvckzoid’) • Pray For Paris • Physical Novel • PrestigeLDN • The Dope LYFE • Dissimilar Apparel • LMDN • Long Clothing • Vellex Clothing • VMU London • Other UK • AQAQ • Cranium Wear • ADYN • Dope Chef • Vlad • Gold Line Fashion • Phidel • Chrion • Urbanize Clothing • Zomb Clothing • The Rated Company • Shade London • Zara • H&M • Topman • Footasylum • Good For Nothing • Choice Store • Crep King • Avale • House Of Treli • Kicks Inc (coming soon) • Still Live Lucky • Kids Of The Future (comingsoon) • Monsieur Clothing (10% off with repcode ‘blvckzoid’) • Dream CLTH (10% off with rep code ‘blvckzoid’) • LN-CC • Rabbit Hole London • Dinosaur Apparel • Elevate London • And Clothing • Idle Clothing • Skrypt Clothing (15% off with repcode ‘NATHAN’) • Takk Clothing • Trillect • Trill LDN • Urban Outfitters • J.Andrasi • Yosqi • WeAreAutumn • Tee Boy • NW’91 • Perfect Defect • Criminal Damage • A Question Of • Agora Vintage • BWR • Trikki • NTRX London European • Au Courant Paris (10% off with repcode ‘npanchoo10’) • Mort Paris • Les Artists • Prayer Clothing • Paradox • Black Valley • FLSHVN • ADED • Clique • Southfresh • Avance Denmark • Elegvncy Pvris • BBP • Sneaker Boy • Balmain • Balenciaga • Givenchy • Louis Vuitton • KTZ • Damir Doma • AZS • Vlone USA & Canada • Fear Of God • Lease On Life • RHUDE • MSFTS REP • Jay Gatch • JOJ New York • Common Nature • Korrupt • Influential • GEMS NYC • Projeckts NYC • Soto Militia • Pvtstk • Villa • Eras • Kix Land • 10 Deep • Blvck-Scvle • Supreme • Skingraft • Tried & True • Alpha Industries • John Elliot • Supreme • Been Trill • Des Rosiers • Machus • Bad Bunch NYC • Dfine • Korange Market • Hollywood Heartbreaker • Stussy Asia & Oceania (Australia & New Zealand) • Common Goods
Contact Info:  Kelsey Connolly
Twitter: @_sylusc
Tumblr: sylusc
Instagram: sylusc

Look for Less: Kylie Jenner

I’m obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s style. I stalk her insta daily for style inspiration, and I LOVED the outfit she wore the other day so I thought I would do a look for less. Here is her original look…


She’s probably wearing all designer apparel, but I’m going to attempt to get as close as possible to it, and I will probably purchase the entire outfit , you know, for all of those important interviews I’ll be having in LA :D

Shirt Amazon $10.45


Sleeveless blazer Missguided $44.98


Pants H&M $29.95


Shoes- Guess $100 (these are an investment, but its the closest I could find)


Scull ring- 17.00


So I hope this was interesting and/or helpful, I love doing this sort of stuff even though it takes an absurd amount of research and time.

Some style tips- A simple choker necklace, and small hoops. I would do a thin cat eye eyeliner and nude lip. Hair; straight and spray some dry shampoo at the roots, flip and spray hair spray underneath to give it a little oomph. This will accomplish the grungy, messy but still classy and sophisticated look I try to accomplish.

Goodnight :)

xx Libby

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” -Coco Chanel

My Weekend Looks!

I’ve been MIA, SORRY! I wish I could just blog all the time instead of working my day job, but I can’t. I actually went out last night and drank a little too much, and if I had been more on top of my blog I would be sleeping right now but instead I gotta make my weekly quota for entries. I went out out with my co workers, we had an interesting night. It was one of those nights where you and your friends are the only ones on the dance floor and you think you’re a professional dancer, but you actually look like a bunch of cheap strippers. So here’s my outfit/makeup choice from last night.



 I went pretty grungy. What’s fashion if you’re not taking risks? Needless to say I stood out like a sore thumb and the bar I went to made me take my hat off (weird I know).  I’m wearing…

Hat- Wet Seal $15, Shirt- Forever 21 $12, Shorts- Express $40, Tights (I destroyed them myself) TJ Maxx $6, Boots-Mandee $15 AND my lipstick is Wet N Wild. I love Wet N Wild lip products they’re really bold and long lasting, not to mention cheap. *TIP always use a lipstick brush when applying lipstick, also if you rub your lips with sugar mixed with Vaseline it’s an exfoliant and makes for an easier, smoother application.

Today I actually got up and went to the gym, and took a shower (after going out to buy those shower thingys that hold up the curtain, because my friend fell into my bathtub last night and ripped down my curtain on the way down). I then went to my friend Dylan’s house to hang and BBQ a bit. We watched Italy win the game against England (tough loss lads) and then just played some yard games. Anyway this was my OOTD, I went causal and comfy considering I was struggle city the majority of the day!


 Rolling Stones Crop T-Shirt- TJ Maxx (on sale) $10,  Levi Jorts- Salvation army $6, and  Cut out booties Mandee $15

**TIP before spending money on vintage Levi mom jeans check your nearest thrift shop. Online they run about $60-$70, and you can get them at Salvation Army or Goodwill for under $10, not to mention they’re usually perfectly broken in.

Anyway, I’m exhausted, but I have some more exciting things coming up for the blog, I think a blog makeover is long overdue, since it has some glitches and is a tad boring. Also my really good friend Kelsey has agreed to guest blog for me. He’s an artist and has some pretty sick stuff and his style is great too, so I’m pretty excited for it! I hope to blog again tomorrow, probably about Kylie Jenner because I’m obsessed with her style, so keep an eye out!


xx Libby

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